Raised in a busy city, I always wanted to live in a quiet village - but with all city facilities nearby. When I bought my house in a lovely place called Duivendrecht (which is closer to Amsterdam centre than half of Amsterdam own districts), it was like a dream location — it is a quiet and green low residential density park zone — yet allows quick commutes to all vital destinations.

I also love cats, but keeping a beautiful and curious animal confined to an apartment just never felt right to me — a cat must be free to roam…

Exploring Helm capabilities to go far beyond ‘kubectl apply’: non-redundant multi-environment configurations, convenient secret management and reliable continuous delivery pipelines.

(photo courtesy of https://unsplash.com/photos/XWNbUhUINB8)

Kubernetes has brought us the concept of descriptor-based software configuration management. Helm has become a de-facto standard in automated Kubernetes deployments, providing set of features goes far beyond bare kubectl apply -f ...

Let’s look at smart ways to implement typical real-world scenarios for Kubernetes deployments.

For those of you not familiar with Helm, there are three essential parts in it:

  • templating
  • cluster state management
  • chart repositories

We will talk about templating and cluster state management in this article, leaving…


Any reactive system, by definition, wants to be responsive, resilient and elastic, and therefore can’t be anything but message-driven. Any action within such system is an asynchronous message that needs to be processed. This takes a form of a Runnable: a chunk of data (message) embedded into a snippet of code, that needs to be executed to process the data.


To process the stream of Runnables, at the heart of any reactive system, there is one or more execution contexts. An execution context, backed by some sort of worker pool, accepts the Runnable in its inbound queue. …

Tim Evdokimov

Software Engineer — λ Reactive

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